Chef's Palette, food, drink, bar, martinis cocktails chef's palate, chefs palette

Chef's Palette, food, drink, bar, martinis cocktails chef's palate, chefs palette
Chef's Palette, food, drink, bar, martinis cocktails chef's palate, chefs palette
Chef's Palette, food, drink, bar, martinis cocktails chef's palate, chefs palette
Chef's Palette, food, drink, bar, martinis cocktails chef's palate, chefs palette
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The Howling Wolf
Large shrimp bathed in a spicy apple butter barbeque sauce, served alongside a crawfish and sweet basil infused potato cake, drizzled with white vermouth remoulade and nestled in a pool of corn soubise

“Big Kahuna” Tuna
Sesame encrusted Ahi tuna, seared medium rare in puddles of ginger and spicy peanut sauces, accompanied by Asian cole slaw and Wakame seaweed salad

Blue Lip Mussels Italiano
Shallots, fresh herbs, and a white wine reduction finished with sweet cream butter  

Chibby’s Fried Calamari
Tender young squid rings and tentacles, served with an Asian sweet chili dipping sauce

“The Velvet Underground” Oven Roasted Vidalia Onion
A sweet roasted Vidalia onion, stuffed with Montrachet goat cheese, crowned with tobacco onions and drizzled with herb infused extra virgin olive oil, served with crostinis  

Fried Porcini Mushroom Ravioli
Four Porcini Mushroom Raviolis deep-fried, served with a side of marinara  

Intense Sweet Potato Ribbon Fries
Sweet potatoes sliced thin, deep fried, and served with three sauces: quattro frommage, Caribbean spiced honey and remoulade  

Chef’s choice  

Homemade Soup D’Jour
Please ask your server for today’s delicious homemade soup

Shrimp Salad Stuffed Avocado
Half an avocado, sliced and topped with a New Orleans style shrimp salad  

Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce with traditional Caesar dressing, parmesan reggiano
cheese and housemade croutons

Little Boy Blue Apple Salad
Fresh Golden Delicious apples, cranberries, black walnuts and Gorgonzola blue cheese atop a bed of micro greens, finished with apple sauce vinaigrette

Peking Duckling Salad
Baby spinach, roasted pumpkin seeds, sesame sticks & pulled spiced roasted Peking duckling tossed in pickled ginger & wasabi

Add to any salad…
Grilled or blackened chicken breast  
Grilled shrimp                         Salmon  

The Gallery

Tidal Pool Rendezvous
Pepper pan seared sea scallops, crowned with rosemary & applewood smoked candied bacon, accompanied by creamy stone ground gouda grits, green onions and grilled asparagus 

Nutty Dusted Salmon
Fresh salmon dredged in pecans and walnuts, oven roasted, ladled with a champagne boursin dill cream, accompanied by a smoked gouda risotto cake and seasonal vegetables  

“The Good Shepherd’s” Pie
Fresh lamb, beef and pork are burgundy braised, then slowly stewed with carrots, onions, mushrooms and green peas in herbed veal demi-glace, finished with garlic mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese
and green onions 

Voodoo Pasta
An 8 oz. blackened pork rib eye, jumbo shrimp, crawfish tails and andouille sausage tossed in a spicy Creole tomato sauce and orzo pasta, finished with smoked gouda cheese and tobacco onions  

Tournedos of Beef Armature
Pan Seared beef tenderloin served en croute, ladled with a brandied green peppercorn au poivre, finished with fresh thyme & veal demi-cream, served alongside a double stuffed potato
8 oz.                        12 oz.  

Renaissance Ribeye
15 oz. ribeye marinated in garlic, rosemary, crushed black pepper, olive oil & port wine, finished with veal bordelaise and sherried baby button mushrooms, accompanied by our double stuffed potato  

Mahogany Roasted Duckling
Half a slow roasted duckling that has been continually basted to give the skin a rich mahagony color, ladled with a bing cherry and green pepper corn demi-glace, served over whole wild rice alongside seasonal vegetables  

Baked Eggplant Raku
Fresh eggplant layered over marinara, wilted fresh baby spinach, ripe tomatoes and baked with provolone cheese; served over spinach fettuccini pasta  

Impressionistic Shrimp & Sausage
Shrimp, sweet Italian sausage and shitake mushrooms tossed in your choice of a spicy roasted garlic marinara or classic alfredo sauce, nestled over a bed of spinach and garlic fettuccini, finished with asiago and basil chiffonade  

Chicken Fresco Francese
A scaloppini breast of chicken dipped in a Creole mustard egg wash and aged parmesan reggiano cheese, quickly sautéed in an herb infused roasted garlic olive oil until golden brown, then drizzled with an artichoke lemon buerre blanc, accompanied by garlic mashed Yukon gold potatoes and seasonal vegetables  

CP’s Stuffed Rainbow Trout
Crawfish & andouille cornbread stuffing is nestled inside a succulent, fresh-filleted rainbow trout, lightly brushed with butter and oven roasted, finished with a corn soubise, served alongside smoked gouda grits and seasonal vegetables  

Impasto Pecan Encrusted Pork Marsala
Pecan encrusted pork rib eye sautéed and topped with a shitake mushroom marsala demi-glace, served with fried Portobello mushroom raviolis and a side of asparagus


Grilled Shrimp 
Sauteed Crabmeat
Crawfish Potato Cake
Double Stuffed Potato
Sherried Baby Mushrooms
Gouda Grits
Pasta Alfredo/Pesto
Mashed Potatoes